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For many people in the world, saving money, making payment or moving money across borders is expensive, if not impossible.The traditional financial system relies on a network of intermediaries like payment processors, banks, networks, and exchanges. All these layers make everything less accessible and more expensive to users.We believe that everyone has the right to save, send and spend their hard-earned money globally. It doesn't matter where you live or what currency you earn. Nobody should be excluded from accessing financial services.This is why we've created Sats App to empower people to:
Pay and get paid globally as they do locally
Protect the value of their savings
Move money to one another in real time
By removing these unfair structural barriers, we can create economic opportunities for billions of people. People who are left out of the system. People who deserve better. People like you and me.Join us on our mission to enable anyone, anywhere, to build wealth and transact freely.
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