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Why join Sats App ambassador and marketing program
Sats App Ambassador and Marketing Program gives you the opportunity to spread the word about Sats App within your circle - you'll tell your friends, family, and community how they can save, spend, and send money with Sats App.As an ambassador, you'll be an invaluable part of our mission, with exclusive access to our teams shaping the future of finance. By helping others discover the power of Sats App, you'll be making a real impact in their lives.We're excited to welcome you on onboardLove, the Sats Team
Benefits of our ambassador program
Earn money doing what you loveOur ambassadors and marketing analysts earn up to N200K monthly
Build your careerAs an ambassador or marketing analyst, you can also explore opportunities with our Finance, Operations and Customer Support teams.
Build your skillsHone your marketing skills through valuable on the ground experience, trainings, and networking opportunities.
Exclusive SWAGMany people have tried to purchase these items from us, but you get them for free
CommunityJoin a thriving network of Sats App ambassadors passionate about changing the world. You’ll get the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and contribute towards shaping the future.
All you need to become an anambassador
You're a great fit for the Sats App Ambassador and Marketing Program if you like to
Build a strong genuine community
Develop and implement innovative and impactful strategies
Continuously improve towards your goal
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